ice cream making joy


so my [url=]ice cream maker[/url] came in the mail today. it wasn’t exactly what i expected, but maybe i was expecting too much. i thought that the ice cream maker would also refrigerate the contents of the mixer, but such is not the case. you still have to pre-refrigerate the main canister. so basically, all this does is replace the hand crank with an electric motor. still, not bad, though.

i have the waffle maker of this brand and it is VERY cool. it has a timer and buzzer to tell you when the waffle is ready. i’m hoping that the results from this ice cream maker will be just as good.

i put the main canister in the freezer and tomorrow i’m going to go and buy the ingredients for my first batch of ice cream. i wonder what i shall make. hmmmm. i don’t think that i’ll play it safe and start with vanilla. it’ll have to be something a little more spicy.

cookies and cream?


mint chip?

it’s too hard to decide!

2 thoughts on “ice cream making joy”

  1. Peach Sorbet!!! Something fruity! I like fruity! Perfect it! I expect it to be good when you make me a batch. 😉

  2. See my new comments in the earlier topic on this.

    We started with strawberry. It’s cheaper than blueberries for instance. I think the hardest thing to get right (besides the fat content) is the sugar content. I’d err on the fatty side, but you can’t really err either way when it comes to sweetness IMO.

    Yes I am sick of looking at code.

    – Dave

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