[url=]david[/url] wrote an interesting piece about things that he always does. i thought it might be fun to chime in with things that i always do as well.

i always put my right sock before the left.

i always check my email first thing in the morning to clear out the morning spam. it’s a chore, like taking the garbage out.

i always have the same morning routine: brush my teeth, wash my face, gel my hair.

i always put sugar in my mocha from starbucks without checking to see if it is sweet enough for me.

i always use the same recipe to make cheesecake.

i always clean my bathroom countertop beforehand if i know guests are coming. it peeves me if other people know how messy that can be.

i always drink my pearl tea drinks in a perfect combination that ensures that there will not be any excess pearls or tea at the end of my drink.

i always have to turn off any music or tv in the background when i read because i can’t concentrate on two things at once.

i always take pictures by rotating my camera clockwise.

i always shower at night.


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