dinner with thanh

i think i forgot to mention that i had dinner with thanh on sunday night. it was good catching up with her. i guess i haven’t seen her in a while. the last time i saw her, i think we met up in the city…but i can’t quite remember what it was that i was doing in the city, but i think that we were both sort of on foreign ground.

dinner was steak, stuffing, and mushrooms. i think that the sauteed mushrooms weren’t done very well, but it was my first time trying to make them so i won’t be too hard on myself. but the steak was good. mmmm, beef.

it was good catching up with her though, it seems that there’s been a lot going on in our lives since we last were able to catch up. why does time seem to fly by so quickly? i’m not sure. but it does make you realize what’s important in life.

never take what you have for granted. once it’s gone, you won’t be able to live with it.


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