well, i haven’t been doing a very good job of working on [url=]the wall project[/url] since i first started it, so i thought that i’d see if i took any pictures since then that would be wall-worthy.

it turns out that there were quite a few photos that i am reasonably happy with so i decided to spend the evening working on them and printing them up. it’s weird, i bought a nice photo printer and i have ink for it, but i neglect to use it because i feel like the ink is too expensive to waste on prints that aren’t good enough. as a result, i never ended up making prints of anything. weird, huh? so now i’m going on a crazy 25 full-page print job for all of these images that i have queued up.

this makes me want to go take more pictures so i can finish the project. perhaps part of this weekend will be spent doing just that…now, if only i can find somewhere to take pictures…

i need to resume my search for models, i’m about ready to take portraits, but i don’t think that i have any models to take pictures of.

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