i’ve been making significant progress with the pearl tea pages. i’m pretty happy at where i’m at now. i think that i’m pretty close to ready to launching the second phase which allows people to write their own reviews. overall, though, it’s pretty cool.

i’ve also been getting some work done for the real job. because most of last week was spent in meetings, i’ve been unable to get any real code work done. as a result, i’ve been a little backed up in terms of actual progress on some of my projects. i guess it’s been about a week since i’ve done any coding. it’s kind of fun. sort of. i almost miss it. almost.

one of the things that i really love to have is a whiteboard. i don’t know why, but i’ve always, always loved using whiteboards for designing projects. there’s just something about a piece of paper that makes it hard for me to just fit everything in and be able to look at the whole project at one glance. i used to toy with the idea of having a whiteboard in my apartment, but think that would just be overkill. but at every job i’ve been at, i’ve always insisted that i get a whiteboard for myself. it’s one of those things that i need.


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