lack of blogging

i haven’t been spending too much time in front of the computer lately. in fact, i’ve been spending a lot less time in front of the computer than i have in a long while. been busy, i suppose.

yesterday was jen’s birthday and so i gathered a bunch of people over at the apartment and had a three course fondue dinner. it was a small gathering of her closest friends. it was the first time that i’ve ever made fondue so it was a little stressful trying to make sure that everything would work out well. the first fondue was a cheese fondue. i do enjoy the cheese fondue. i may have to try a different blend, but this was pretty good for the first time. i think i added a little too much wine though.

the second course was an oil based fondue as well as a red wine based fondue. both were pretty good, though i definitely liked the red wine fondue more than the oil one. i think i’m going to look into how to get some more flavor into the oil fondue.

and dessert was a chocolate fondue. mmmmm. quite good. overall, i think the fondue went well, the company was good, and conversation was lively.

i think jen had a good birthday. i had been stressing a little bit about it earlier. i know that in past years she had organized my birthday dinners so i was hoping that i could return the sentiment and do something a little special.

aside from that, i’ve been working pretty hard. last week was pretty rough on me, worked some long days. i also had a launch today so i’ve been working since 10AM. still waiting for the QA folks to bless the launch so i can leave, i’m itching to leave. it’s 4PM already and i’m in dire need of some food.

tonight is also playoffs for my jacl league. i wonder how that is going to be. i think that i am going to miss this team. it was a fun team to play on. i wonder what next season is going to be like.


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