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right now mcdonalds is offering a free big mac after 10pm at their drive thrus. well, this is great, so i decided to get one last night. i go and order 2 apple pies (for a dollar!) and a big mac. when i get to the window the guy says, “oh, sorry. we don’t have any apple pies.”

i ask for a caramel sundae. “sorry, we don’t have any of those, either. how about some cookies?”

i didn’t want cookies. finally, i settled for a chocolate sundae.

it shouldn’t be this hard to get a free big mac. it really shouldn’t!

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks McDonalds is irresponsible for giving away Big Macs after 10PM? I wonder how many people will die from this.

  2. i don’t think that mcdonalds is irresponsible for giving away big macs after 10pm. i’m not sure how exactly that is going to help them from a business standpoint, but they are certainly not bound by some moral obligation to make sure that the food they serve is healthy.

    if people claim ignorance and try to blame mcdonalds for making them fat, i think that they are the ones that are irresponsible. they are the ones who have the ability to do research and they are the ones who are responsible for their own eating decisions.

    i personally applaud mcdonalds for giving away big macs after 10pm. if they want to give away sausage mcmuffins before 5am, i’m all for that.

    i think it’s ridiculous to blame coportations for selling their goods. yes, you can blame them if in the process they are ruining the environment. yes, you can blame them if their health codes are not up to spec and as a result, their food is contaminated with germs.

    but it is the consumer who decides to buy their product. i find it silly to blame the consumer for that.

    that’s like me blaming canon for continuing to make new cameras that i can’t help but buy because they are cheaper, better, and faster. how dare canon make a better product for less, and thus trick people into buying their goods…and damn them for giving out rebates to encourage that behavior. that’s irresponsible!

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