shopping adventure

i asked mia today if she would help me out with some clothes shopping tomorrow. i’m not completely convinced that i have all the clothes that i need to wear at a wedding tomorrow, so i’m going to go and buy a few necessities. i think all i really need is a nice dress shirt that goes well with a tie.

i’m going to try very hard not to buy a blue dress shirt. the last wedding i went to had a zillion guys wearing them, including me. it’s time for a new color. but what? i’m not so sure…

i think i may need slacks too. *sigh* too much shopping for too many things!

9 thoughts on “shopping adventure”

  1. dude…i don’t know if i can pull off pink. baby blue was a huge step for me years ago and it took me a long time before i would like wearing it.

    and i already get enough comments from jenny about being a girl…

  2. am i getting paid to be your fashion consultant? pink is definitely in with a funky tie. that would look really good. olive is not bad either…you can go for the sophisticated cat work mike.

  3. the last 2 guys I saw at a wedding wearing pink dress shirt look either like a gigolo or metro-sexual. 😛 I would LOVE to see you pull that off. 😀

  4. I second on the PINK!!!! Guys in pink shirt are just oozing with confidence. Extremely sexy. Ohhh… Brooks Brothers has a really good one.

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