more dsl woes

i guess i should have expected my DSL install to be just as problematic as my first install. still, no real progress is felt and i fear a technician may have to come here to figure out exactly what’s wrong. lovely. and grrr. and blah.

i’ve lost my optimism and now i’m just left with a jaded, yet not completely lost, hope that everything really will work out.

i have to admit that as bad as this yahoo sbc dsl install has gone so far, the customer service representatives have been very thoughtful, helpful, and kind. at least i don’t have to wait forever for really bad support. the wait time is very manageable, usually i don’t have to wait more than a minute after calling.

but i’ve got the routine down. i tell them my phone number, my name, the number with which they can contact me if we get disconnected, and yes, indeed, i am the person whose account this is attached to before they ask so that we can get all of that preliminary stuff out of the way.


i hope that tier 2 support can fix this stuff up because i’m beginning to grow very impatient with this DSL install. the blinking red lights on the dsl modem are beginning to tear at my very being.


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