after work today i went to compusa to pick up the current hard drive sale. this is all in part for the xbox hacking that i’m planning to do soon. the modchip is on its way and i’m reading up on how to install linux and other interesting things onto the xbox. i decided to get a 200GB hard drive. i originally was going to go much smaller, but with the hard drive sale, i guess it can never really hurt to have more hard drive space than less.

i still haven’t opened the xbox that my friends gave me, though. i guess that i should open it. my brother even lent me some xbox games that he has so that i can play…i just haven’t gotten around to setting up the xbox to play the games. all in due time, i suppose.

i think that i have everything i need for the mod, it’s just a matter of time for the xbox modchip to come to me. ahhh, come here, chippy!


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