mom and sister

my mom and my sister gave me [url=]a bottle of one-a-day men’s health formula[/url] and [url=]AmLactin lotion[/url]. though not as bad as previous years where my mom gave me hair tonic because she thought that i was balding, i don’t quite understand why they give me these kind of health products.

are they implying that i don’t look healthy? are they implying that they don’t think that i’m eating well and my diet needs this supplement? are they saying that my skin looks rough and dry? ummm…yeah.

One thought on “mom and sister”

  1. it just shows they care about you…and hence, care about your health. it doesn’t mean they think you’re not healthy or not taking care of yourself. the health formula is just something you can use. hmm…for instance, if you give a girl perfume, it doesn’t imply she stinks (well…hopefully, that’s not what you’re implying). it’s just something she could use. i may give my sister some hand lotion because it’s something she could use…not necessarily because i think her hand is rough or too dry.

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