early morning ramblings

i’ve been trying out a new schedule at work these past few weeks. today, i got into the office at 6:46. yes, 6:46 in the AM. i’m thinking that i ought to be able to leave by around 3ish then. what i’m finding is that i get so tired when i get home that i end up napping for a few hours. i’m not sure if that’s really all that cool, but i think that i end up napping because i have nothing else to do.

so the routine appears to be:
5:30AM — wake up, get ready
6:00AM — leave apartment for work
7:00AM — arrive at work
3:00PM — leave work
4:00PM — arrive at home, go to sleep
7:00PM — wake up, start evening
1:00AM — go back to sleep

i’m not sure if that’s a routine that i like…it still seems like a waste of the afternoon. hmmm, i guess i’ll have to try and stay up and sleep earlier. trying to distribute my sleep over two sleep cycles in a day is kind of weird for me.

the nice thing is that i can run errands during the day now, though. that’s quite an added benefit for me. yesterday, i stopped by compusa to pick up the hard drive for the xbox mod. i’m not sure what i’m going to do today, but i’m sure that something will come up.

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